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Treatment with PRP for Acne Scars

Treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma helps eliminate those scars produced by Acne. Know how your own blood will help you eliminate them.

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PRP hair treatment

Treatment with PRP as a hairloss solution is one of the latest updates for the use of this amazing material.

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Platelet Rich Plasma for Dark Circles

Dark circles no longer have to be a problem eliminate them with the Rich Plasma in Platelets. Forget the eyes corrector and get up every day with a good face.

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Prp for face

Platelet Rich Plasma is one of the new therapies in the world of aesthetics medicine for skin rejuvenation using the patients own blood.

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Platelet Rich Plasma treatment for face

The world of aesthetics and plastic surgery is continuously updated. Every day new methods are being investigated to provide better solutions to an inevitable fact ... aging. This process is natural in the human being and we can not change it, but through the advances in the medicine dedicated to this field we can face the aging of another way.

There are a lot of surgical procedures to deal with the signs of aging (facelifts, neck lift ... etc) as well as many non-surgical treatments that are less aggressive and although they do not provide drastic changes, if they help keep us young and good aspect.

Platelet Rich Plasma treatment for face, hair and neckline is one of those alternative treatments also known in the United States as a vampire lifting, which only with local infiltrations allow the skin to regain texture and luminosity.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

The blood is composed of a yellowish liquid called plasma that is responsible for transporting the cells throughout our body and is formed mostly by water, proteins and other nutrients. Among these cells are the platelets that are responsible for the coagulation of blood and also contain growth factors as well as proteins important for the healing process among other functions.

When we take a sample of blood and centrifuge it, separation of the elements of the blood takes place. On the one hand the solid part accumulates with all the cells and on the other hand the plasma that's the liquid part. This plasma that we obtain with a concentration above normal platelets is called PRP.

Platelet rich plasma preparation method it's no longer after a routine blood collection, this is centrifuged about 7-10 minutes depending on the machine and once centrifuged we take the plasma separated from the rest of the blood components. Once the plasma has just been centrifuged, it does not require any special preparation.

Can prp treatment cause skin rejection?

The advantage offered by PRP treatment is that it's the patient's own blood, the possibility of allergy or rejection is non-existent. This treatment also does not produce toxicity or the possibility of disease transmission because it is an autologous material, so prp does not produce contraindications for the skin.

Finally the risk of infection is minimal due to the bactericidal power of the plasma but when the treatment is carried out by infiltrations the risk exists. Because of this the professional in charge of carrying out the treatment will perform it with a sterile technique.

PRP for hair works?

The treatment of platelet-rich plasma for hair regeneration is a new alternative for those people who begin to notice significant hair loss. In addition to helping to stop the fall this procedure improves the quality of the hair, resulting in a strong and shiny hair.

This is achieved because of the growth factors and nutrients that prp contains. In this way, factors infiltrated in the scalp help the hair cells to regain their functionality. This treatment is indicated in the beginning of androgenic alopecia areata or in people with weakened hair.

Prp face vampirelifting

PRP face treatment or Vampire lifting

19 Jan. 2017
Prp treatment method

How do you get prp?

27 Jul. 2016
Contraindications prp

Contraindications of prp for the skin

28 Nov. 2016
Hair loss prp treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair

30 Mar. 2016

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