Prp the new hair treatment that help with hair regrowth

Prp Treatment for Hair Loss

Currently hair loss is one of the problems that concern more people. They do oral or topical treatments to try to solve the problem but these remedies are not functional in the long term, because when you stop taking the drugs or throw the products on the scalp again hair loss begins.

Androgenic alopecia is the most common is related to the level of male hormones or androgens of the person, among many other factors and is the one that suffers the majority of the population. Although it is more common among men, women also suffer from it, this is because women have androgenic hormones but at lower levels than men and it is the objective of the field of aesthetic medicine for years to give solution to this problem.

Treatment with platelet rich plasma for hair has been relatively short on the market and is that prp began to be used the first place to treat the signs of aging. Given the results obtained in the treatment of the skin, it was experienced as an act of injecting the plasma into the scalp and it was observed that because of the growth factors and nutrients contained in platelet rich plasma the hair follicles that have lost vitality by providing the substances they need regain their normal functioning. Keep in mind that totally lost hair follicles will not recover even if they infiltrate with plasma.

In addition, platelet rich plasma is also used in the treatment of areata alopecia a type of alopecia directly related to stress, here plasma works in the same way since follicles are weakened and with the contribution of growth factors causes it to regain its normal functioning.

Prp Injection for Hair Loss

It is a hair treatment that acts on the root of the problem. When the plasma is applied to the scalp, it enters directly into the hair follicles reactivating those that are devitalized. So for those people who are in the early stages of alopecia, it is an alternative treatment before a hair transplant that has a higher cost and requires specific care after the procedure.

The most important thing is to be clear what can be achieved with this treatment, to be realistic as to the expectations set in the procedure. For this reason it is important to note that the public of this treatment are those people who are beginning to notice a considerable hair loss , with a loss of hair quality (weak, fine, brittle ...) and for initial stages of alopecia where the hair follicles are not completely lost. If you find yourself identified among these criteria the platelet rich plasma for your hair will have very satisfactory results.

If you are interested in prp therapy do not hesitate to contact us, we have partner clinics all over Australia specializing in procedures with prp injections . We can help you by orienting you about the clinics near your location, budgets, appointments available ... etc. The treatment budget will always fluctuate depending on the clinic where you do it, the professional and the number of sessions you are going to perform. The number of sessions will depend on your expectations regarding the treatment and the recommendation made by the professional.

Prp Treatment for Hair Regrowth

It should be noted that prp hair loss treatment cost is quite affordable to be an aesthetic procedure, as we are talking about the prp for hair loss have very good before and after results and our customers are very happy. Being a perfect alternative if you meet the criteria to avoid hair implants .

If you would like to try it, we would like you to share your experience with us as many of our clients so that we can help other people in your situation. Share with us here (LINK TO THE PAGE OF OPINIONS) your results.